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WINTECH Enterprises has firmly established itself as a reliable custom sheet fabricator with specialization in solar and structural poles panels. We are a Ghaziabad based establishment. We deals in lighting, housing and solar equipment. We are a solar panel manufacturer in India that provides complete solar integration solutions. We also engaged in AB cable ACC manufacturing which used to carry high voltage current. For integrated light and housing, we are the leading integrated all in one and housing manufacturer in India. We also manufacture all the spares, sheet fabricator, press parts, equipment, which are used in the setup of integrated light. We are also the arm and clamps manufacturer which is generally used in the setup of solar panel and street light. Their purpose is to provide stability and strength to the structure.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to properly use our knowledge of fabricating custom process equipment and provide excellent services to our client.

Effective Team Work

Employees with us include well qualified engineers, quality analysts and other well skilled members who put in all their efforts.

Quality Assurance

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. With our strong focus on quality compliance, our quality has always been up to mark.

Build, Assemble And Manage

Our Goal is to provide best fabricating custom process equipments and Excellent services to our clients.

What We Do

Solar Panels

We make Solar Panels made of A-Grade Black Silicon Cells Design to generate Electricity from Sun.

Solar Light Housing

Our Company is Renowned for making Solar Light Housing panels. We use Industry approved raw material only.

Panel Structure Poles

Our Designs Of Solar Panel Mounting Structure has been Checked & Analyze.





Our Products


The light is made from Die- cast, useful for outdoor purposes, waterproof IP65 and dust proof. Power consumption for the light is 30 watt, saving you light and your electricity bill BY 80%. With metallic body.


solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity.These modules use light energy from the Sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect.


These Clamps are Coated with anti-corrosive layer of Zinc with High Mechanical Strength.With Durable and Sturdy Design. These are UV and Heat Resistant.

Have you ever known what is press part is? & who is the best press part manufacturer in India? In childhood, everyone child has a special attraction towards toys or any machine we call nuts and bolts the machines and toys with which we are tight and in technical language we call press parts.

In India, Wintech Enterprises is the leading manufacturer of press parts. We have both the experience and expertise that are essential for customer satisfaction, which is seen in our service. Metal is manipulated and shaped by press machinery in a manufacturing process known as press work. This is done by cutting metal sheet by hand or by machine and then forming it into a specific component. Many products can be manufactured using pressing technology, from aircraft components to cutlery and jewellery, and many more. We provide our press work technique for both domestic and industrial purposes for various applications. Our metalworkers can satisfy any requirements you have, and we deliver the finest products. People’s trust makes us one of the best press part manufacturers in India.

We are a manufacturer of complex press parts and press stampings that are suited for all applications with an equipped tool room that consists of CNC machine centres, wire cut machines, spark erosion and all the designing software that is required during the manufacturing of press tools. We have a press capability that ranges from 2 to 150 tons on hydraulic as well as a mechanical press. Not only that, but we have a team of experts who have high experience in the same field. We are offering sheet metal parts, sheet metal stamping, sheet metal press components, deep drawn components and deep drawn parts from these metals such as Mild steel, stainless steel, Aluminium, Brass, copper etc. We are the leading name and trustworthy name in the industry, so we are offering a wide range of products including metal sheets. The raw material is chosen by our experts with the utmost care, with quality assurance in modern machines and raw materials. The best part is, we offer all the products at a nominal price.


Apart from that, we are a reputed name in integrated lighting and housing. Sheet metal lampshades and fixtures, LED housings, solar lights, and LED housings are some of our specialities too. We are determined to do our work to give you the highest quality with the best service because your trust is our victory. Wintech first priority is always quality, so in the lighting segment we have solar LED lights, solar parking lot lights and much more qualitywise these products are very robust which means there is no effect on the atmosphere and works smoothly in all weather conditions. The advancement in new integrated solar LED light is extremely flexible, and it provides multiple functions and works in all weather conditions, which is mentioned above. We have in-house production of our own. The installation is as easy as cutting a cake. Just four bolts need to be tightened on a pole and this pole may be wall mounted too. There is no need for an electric grid connection and no trenches required for the installation. This solar lighting reduces your electricity bill and gives extra lighting for your house. Additionally, one more thing that people will like so much is that installation can be done on both old and new fixtures.

Benefits Of integrated installation

It is all about Wintech integrated lighting and housing uses and benefits

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