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Press part: Uses and Significance

There are various ways for the manufacturing process of press parts such as hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical presses all use press tools to produce sheet metal components in huge quantities. In general, press tools are classified according to the operations they perform, such as blanking, piercing, bending, forming, forging, trimming, and so on. The press tool will also be designated as a blanking, piercing, or bending tool, among other things.

Metal forming is one of the chip less manufacturing processes. These operations are performed by the press and press tools. Presses can be classified into different categories depending upon their capacity, capabilities and mechanisms used for their operations. Presses can also be categorized depending upon their construction and frame as straight, side, adjustable bed type, open end honing press. Method of transmission of power from the place of its generation to the place of its utilization also serve an important criteria for the classification of presses. In general, a press is described by its main parts like base, frame, ram, pitman, driving mechanism, controlling mechanism, flywheel, brakes,balster plate all these parts along with their functions are described here. Die and punch are the integral part of a pres tool system. Die and punch are normally fitted to a press tool system. Punch and die can be fitted to a press by different methods as described in the unit. Different types of dies are also described in the unit, which areused for different types of workpieces and operations. Accuracy of the operation largely depends on the accuracy of die and punch. So die and punch should be designed and manufactured very carefully.

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Publish Date: 23/3/2022