Since our establishment in Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad in 2010, Wintech Enterprises has grown to become India's top manufacturer of arms and clamps at a competitive price. We ship your items all over the world, whenever and wherever they are needed. With the help of the whole company's customer base, we are raising the bar for our goods all around the world. These qualities make us the best arms and clamps manufacturer in India. Arms and Clamps these are the things on which any structure stands, which gives strength, stability, and fixation to any infrastructure. These arms and clamps are of many types, they are used in smaller sizes for light structures such as according to different capacities and larger sizes of arm and clamps are used for larger structures as these products are customized and are made according to the needs of the customers. They are of different types, some are used for fitting of small structures such as holding a Television, painting or any light structure. Some arms are used for support of construction sites for adjoining long iron pipes, and some clamps are used for RCC poles. Wintech is the leading manufacturer of arm and clamps In simple terms any structure that have joints and standing must need arm and clamps to give permanent strength for the better productivity specially in rural areas where maximum people depends on solar panel. We are leading company among other Arm and clamps manufacturer in India.