In the ABC (Aerial Bunched Cable) industry, Wintech Enterprises is one of the most well-known brand. Using Aerial Bunched Cable (ABC) cable for overhead power distribution is an excellent option. It reduces installation and maintenance costs while maintaining high levels of safety and dependability. We are AB cable ACC manufacturer in India which are used in an electrical transmission system or telecommunications line. We collaborate with a team of experts to produce this cable utilizing cutting-edge technology that improves its performance in a variety of applications. Aerial bunched cables intended for big weights are suitable for providing electricity above, which is why we create them. These cables are ideal for overhead connections since they can withstand high voltages. These wires and cables are coated with high-quality PVC to guarantee that they are water and fire resistant. Our team of specialists is devoted to providing this service. Wires and cables made by our company are shock and flame resistant.